Hazel didn’t really evolve very much in the design process, but here’s some early sketches of her from 2010-2011.

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For Daily Use.

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weirdo kitties II.

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Parlour Typeface by Hustle Supply Co.

Without further ado, Hustle Supply Co. presents “Parlour” a display typeface inspired by Movember, Menswear Brands, Tattoo Shops & Barbers. This versatile font is perfect for your next project. This font comes with the texture already applied. Created with the software, “Glyphs”, this font comes in OTF format with a full alphabet, numbers, punctuation & other extra glyphs. This is the 2nd typeface HSCo has released, we plan on continuing in this direction. Let me know what you think in the comment section. I would love to see what you do with this font, so feel free to send me any creations you make! 

Download it here:

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fluttershy and rarity going on a date probably…..i never draw pony ppl the same way twice e

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A second TF2 cosmetic commission for disdainful-loni!

I can’t thank you enough, your Engineer was a lot of fun to day! Pocket Purr is one of my favorite pocket buddies too.

Commission info can be found here

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Forgot to post these separately!

My girlfriend’s (who will also be taking commission soon!) Demoman, as an example for my TF2 commission chart

ARUGHHGUHGUHuh -unintelligible drunken wailing-

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'Reports emerge of violence in Glasgow’s City Centre tonight as groups unofficially aligned with the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ sides of the Scottish Independence Referendum continue to taunt each other in the streets.’

ALSO: Pro union skinheads taunt defeated Scots independents

VID 1:

VID 2:

VINE: No Voters Surrounding Young Girls

ALSO: Lots of chatter about marches over the weekend

ALSO: Lots of anger directed at the BBC for failure to report events

UPDATE: 3 arrests, Scot Flag Ablaze, Reports of Stabbing - The square is currently closed to traffic

ALSO: Tomorrow, the 20th of September 2014, the Orange Order plan to march through Glasgow

Web cam: Glasgow George Square - updates every 20 seconds.

-BreitbartNews -RT -PoliticsAndThat  -Mirror -BBC -DailyMail -Reuters

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"Awh, IT thinks it’s gonna win.”


this au needs to stop haunting me i s2g


Prooper G.

(Source: cat-treats)

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Autumn is coming 

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